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One Degree Wednesday March 15 2023

What Social Media Is Doing to Finance

Financial panics are nothing new. But the strange little panic we’re enduring—one that started last week with a massive bank run causing the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and that continued this morning with big sell-offs in the stocks of other regional banks—is arguably the first one in which social media, and particularly Twitter, has been a major player. And if the past few days are any indication, that does not bode well for the next major financial crisis.


Government of Canada invests $13 million to bring high-speed internet in 6,400 homes in Eastern Ontario

Today, the governments of Canada and Ontario announced a joint investment of C$13 million to bring high-speed internet access to 6,400 homes in Eastern Ontario. The announcement was made in Dunrobin, Ontario by Jenna Sudds, parliamentary secretary to the minister for women and gender equality and youth and member of parliament for Kanata–Carleton, on behalf of Gudie Hutchings, minister of rural economic development.


Effective Landing Pages: Ways To Generate More Leads

The way you position yourself at the beginning of a relationship has a profound impact on where you end up.” – Ron Karr. Crafting the perfect sales lead generation landing page can be like a game of cat-and-mouse. You get close, but something isn’t quite right.


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