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One Degree Tuesday March 21 2023

Amazon slashing 9,000 more jobs in fresh round of layoffs

Amazon is preparing another round of layoffs, with 9,000 more roles to be cut from its human resources, advertising, Twitch, and Amazon Web Services teams. The tech giant jobs bloodbath continues, with Amazon the latest to initiate a second round of layoffs. In a note from Amazon CEO Andy Jassy released on Monday, another wave will hit the retail giant’s workforce in the coming weeks.


Canadian buyer aims to improve Pornhub owner’s reputation

Ethical Capital Partners (ECP) this week bought Pornhub owner MindGeek, its first ever acquisition, with the aim of improving the internet platform’s reputation, the young Canadian private equity firm’s partners said on Friday.


Critics allege group funded by Quebec government spreading transphobic views

The Quebec government came under fire this week for funding a women’s group that is alleged to have spread transphobic views and targeted trans activists online. On Thursday in the legislature, Jennifer Maccarone of the Liberal Opposition read excerpts of documents that refer to sex change surgeries as a form of “mutilation,” which she said had been published by the group Pour les droits des femmes du Québec (PDF Québec) on its online platforms.


Elon Musk roasted for bizarre social media posts about Taylor Swift: ‘Stay away from her’

Elon Musk has drawn the ire of Taylor Swift fans with a series of unusual posts about the singer-songwriter. The divisive CEO of Twitter and Tesla shared comments with followers on his social media site as the Swift began her new Eras Tour in Arizona.


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