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One Degree Wednesday March 22 2023

Experience Regina apologizes after criticism over new slogans ‘sexualizing’ the city

The organization in charge of tourism in Regina has apologized for slogans it used as part of a rebranding. Tourism Regina rebranded to Experience Regina last week. As part of the move it unveiled several new tourism slogans. Reid confirmed the organization is apologizing for two of those slogans — “Show us your Regina” and “The city that rhymes with fun” — that received a lot of criticism online after the relaunch.


Social media has reinvented the way Gen Z finds jobs

As more members of Gen Z join the workforce, they have increasingly shunned traditional hiring practices, seeking jobs via social media instead — and employers need to keep up.


Feds OK electronic vote lists for 2023

“Elections Canada will pilot the use of an electronic list of electors to support voting at any table in the designated polling location should a byelection occur in 2023,” Stéphane Perrault, chief electoral officer, wrote in a departmental planning document.


More than 70% of hi-tech leaders expect digital transformation to increase revenue

Hi-Tech Leaders USA, Canada and Western Europe Not considering the current economic uncertainty as a hindrance to growth: OK 72% of them plan to increase revenue by 2023. And not only that: almost half of these leaders believe they do Can “outdo” the year.


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