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One Degree Tuesday March 28 2023

Canada may be on a path to digital totalitarianism

Another breadcrumb has landed which suggests that Canadians may be on a path to digital authoritarianism, or even totalitarianism, if some politicians in Ottawa get their way. First the standing committee of Canadian Heritage began a legislative spree to regulate the Internet.


Is your social media use making you angrier?

Stop the presses: the more time you spend on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, the angrier you may be, a new poll suggests. That’s the finding of Pollara Strategic Insights latest “rage index” poll, a monthly survey tracking Canadians’ views about government, the economy, and current events.


“Bloomberg Technology” is our daily news program focused exclusively on technology, innovation and the future of business hosted by Caroline Hyde in New York and Ed Ludlow from San Francisco.


Ottawa still advertising on TikTok despite banning it on government devices due to security concerns

The federal government continues to advertise on TikTok, despite having banned the China-linked app from all government devices late last month due to security concerns.


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