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One Degree Wednesday March 29 2023

Apple Pay Later turns Apple into a full-on money lender

With the limited launch today of a new service called Apple Pay Later, Apple will now lend money directly to users through the Wallet app on devices like the iPhone. We first heard about the service in 2021, and it was officially announced at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2022. It faced several delays, though, as iOS 16 began to roll out last September.


TikTok adds new targeting and boosting features to its Promote advertising tool

TikTok is adding new targeting and boosting features for its Promote advertising tool, the company announced on Wednesday. Promote first launched in 2021 as a way for creators to turn vertical videos into ads. The company is now introducing more ways to make it easier for creators and small businesses to target their desired communities and choose how they can interact with their ads.


Why are My YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views? 4 Potential Reasons

While most of us are used to making videos for YouTube, Shorts are much newer. Primarily a response to other platforms with their short-format videos, these pieces of content are intended for people to enjoy and then school on by. In some ways, it’s like the video version of scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed.


Ecosystems for the rest of us

Digitally enabled ecosystems are a vital part of the modern business landscape. They open the door to new customers and markets, and broaden and enhance a firm’s value proposition through the seamless bundling and integration of goods and services. Last but not least, ecosystems help companies become more innovative. It’s little wonder so many want to get involved.


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