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One Degree Monday April 3 2023

Research: How Social Media Can Help You Find a Partner Brand

In 2014, Uber and Spotify launched an innovative cross-industry collaboration: Though ride sharing and music streaming may seem like unrelated businesses, the partnership — in which Uber riders could use Spotify to wirelessly control the music being played — benefited both brands, allowing them to cross-promote and access new markets without either party having to develop costly new technologies internally. Similarly creative examples of cross-category collaborations include Disney and MAC Cosmetics’ Aladdin makeup collection, IKEA and LEGO’s storage solutions for kids, and Red Bull and GoPro’s joint promotional campaigns.


Analyzing your advertising spend

When was the last time you analyzed your advertising spend? Is it too much? Too little? Are you allocating the right amount between digital and traditional media? Are items hitting this account that should be posted elsewhere?


You Could Do Worse

Meta is giving advertisers more control over the content their ads are placed next to. The company launched new inventory filters for Facebook and Instagram feeds yesterday. Advertisers now have three settings to choose from to control the type of content that appears alongside their ads.


The votes are in: TELUS is Canada’s best mobile carrier

TELUS is proud to announce it has been named Canada’s best major mobile carrier by New York-based PCMag, bringing home a clean sweep of the top honours in the publication’s inaugural Canadian Readers’ Choice Awards 2023 and Business Choice Awards 2023. The awards, based entirely on reader rankings, rate overall satisfaction with major and MVNO carriers in Canada. TELUS’ accolades include the Readers’ Choice Award for Top Major Carrier in Canada, as well as the Business Choice Award for Top Major Carrier in Canada. Public Mobile, one of TELUS’ mobility brands, also received top honours as Canada’s best digital mobile carrier, winning the Readers’ Choice Award for Top Digital Carrier (MVNO) in Canada.


How Social Media Rewards Misinformation

In the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, posts and videos promoting natural remedies for the virus—everything from steam inhalation to ginger—proliferated online. What explains the storm of likes and shares that propels online misinformation through a social media network?


Joanna Stern, Wall Street Journal senior personal technology columnist, joins ‘Squawk on the Street’ to discuss who will be the winners if the ban on TikTok really happens. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO


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