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One Degree Friday April 7 2023

How to Create Content Pillars [Infographic]

Building out your strategy under content pillars can be a beneficial process, providing more in-depth insight into key areas and elements, which can then help your pages rank better in Google Search.


Instant insights: How to write an effective ChatGPT prompt

ChatGPT and generative AI models like it are all the rage, but users often write prompts for these models that are less effective than they could be. Most models follow the same general architecture for instructions – a system or role statement, a user statement, and the assistant’s response. To maximize the impact of your prompts, use the following cheat sheet to write the best, most effective prompts possible. Click on the image or the link to get the PDF version.


For social media advice, look to young people

I appreciated hearing in Bina Venkataraman’s March 30 Thursday Opinion column, “What readers tell us they want from social media in the future,” about the future of social media. Though ideas spanned from creating a wilder space resembling the dawn of social media to creating a space to amplify civic heroes over influencers, there was something notable that was missing from the article.


Many farmers are under growing pressure to innovate, and it seems one Pitt Meadows farm is rising to the challenge. UP Vertical Farms uses AI to determine everything from growing temperature and humidity to nutrient control. We visited the farm to learn more.




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