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One Degree Tuesday April 11 2023

Attention to detail matters

“There are two qualities you can’t teach people.” Years ago, I interviewed Soledad O’Brien, the broadcast journalist, about the leadership lessons she had learned from running her own production company, Starfish Media Group. When she started her “two qualities” riff, I leaned in closer, eager to hear her theory. The first? “I don’t think you can teach people to be curious,” she said. And the second? “I’m obsessed with attention to detail. I don’t know that you can teach that—either that triggers you to stay for the next two hours to fix something, or you’re the kind of person who will just let it slide.”


Meta wants to use generative AI to create ads

Major tech organizations are racing to ship generative AI tools. And yet, a few companies have remained silent, including Apple and Meta. Today, the organization led by Mark Zuckerberg said that it aims to use generative AI in creating ads for different companies by the end of the year.


Apple joins Amazon, Google, and Microsoft in tech industry layoffs

The number of heads eliminated is believed to be relatively small, and they are all within the company’s “corporate retail teams,” with a focus on workers who are responsible for the “construction and upkeep” of Apple’s retail locations and other physical facilities.


The mechanics of entrepreneurship

Forget the myth of the hermetic genius working in the garage on the next world-changing startup. It’s time to upgrade that thinking and pay more attention to how much entrepreneurial innovation is woven into the fabric of daily life.


Contextual targeting: Programmatic advertising’s answer to targeting customers in a privacy-friendly manner

Advertisers have always sought to protect their brands from risky content – things like hate speech, terrorism, and misinformation are generally recognised as threats to brand reputations. While each brand has a unique story to tell the ideal advertising environment is likely to be unique to a given brand.


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