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One Degree Thursday April 13 2023


Google TV gets 800 free channels

Google’s aggregation of several existing free TV services is a move to differentiate its streaming operating interface from competitors, including Roku, Apple and Amazon.


The Google graveyard: all the products Google has shut down

Google releases a lot of products, but it shuts down a lot of them, too. Some didn’t deserve to be discontinued (we pine for the days of Reader and Inbox), and some probably weren’t long for this world from the start. (What was Google Wave supposed to be, anyway?) The company actually used to shut down products with quarterly “spring cleanings,” but now, it just does so whenever it’s time for another product to be put out to pasture.


Ask a Recruiter: How Do I Push Past My Imposter Syndrome and Get the Job Done?

Welcome to CB’s work-advice column featuring Emily Durham, a Toronto-based senior recruiter at Intuit, public speaker and content creator known for her funny and relatable TikToks about all things work. Each month, Durham will answer reader questions on topics that affect our ability to thrive in our jobs, and she’ll offer her real-world insights on how to handle even the most rock-and-a-hard-place conundrums.


Canada: Developments In Self-Regulatory Frameworks For Digital Advertising (Webinar)

Osler’s privacy team consistently fields queries about digital advertising and its related challenges and opportunities. In an effort to help clients stay up to date about this complex and evolving area, the focus of the February 2023 AccessPrivacy call was to provide a snapshot of self-regulatory frameworks in the digital advertising ecosystem. Hosted by AccessPrivacy lead Adam Kardash and Osler partner Joanna Fine, the roundtable discussion featured a panel of industry experts: Lou Mastria, executive director, The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA); Julie Ford, executive director, The Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC); Sonia Carreno, president, The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada (IAB Canada); and Jill Briggs, head of policy and regulatory affairs, IAB Canada.


Canadian producers increasingly confident in use of digital data: survey

The survey shows how farmers are adopting digital tools and managing data, including how those practices have evolved since AgExpert conducted a survey on the same topic in 2018. In the RealAgristudies survey, 66 per cent of respondents said they feel the companies that handle their data are doing a good or excellent job. That’s a 31 per cent increase from the survey conducted by AgExpert four years ago that asked the same question.


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