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One Degree Monday April 17 2023

Beyond the Basics: 20 Non-Obvious Uses of ChatGPT for Marketing

Like me, you’re probably ChatGPT-weary right now, but many of the articles I’ve seen for marketers are either too basic, too technical (I’m not doing any coding!), or too focused on content marketing (duh). So my gift to the world today is a straight-forward, non-technical, and short summary of non-obvious uses of ChatGPT for marketing.


New MacBooks set for launch during June’s WWDC

Aside from the rumored headset, Apple could be planning more hardware launches during WWDC, with a collection of new MacBook models set to make an appearance.


Canadians see sustained growth ahead in the digital economy, with technology likely to drive the success of small businesses: RBC Poll

Canadians remain convinced that technology will continue to play a critical role in the future of small businesses, signaling sustained growth ahead in the digital economy.


Ontario wants to keep sports stars out of gambling ads

Sports gambling companies in Ontario may soon have to advertise their services without the help of big-name sports stars or other celebrities.


How to Build the Digital Workplace of Tomorrow

Technology plays an ever increasingly important role in the day-to-day employee experience. Digital workplace application leaders must invest in digital employee experience to build the digital workplace of tomorrow. For example, investing in AI-driven tools that provide digital worker insights can help remediate technology issues and improve employees’ digital skills and experience.


Want to be a social media influencer? You might want to think again

Canadians spend more than two hours per day on social media platforms. Social media is becoming more prevalent every day, and influencers and those that want to be influencers are too.


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