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One Degree Tuesday April 18 2023

Why are teen girls in crisis? It’s not just social media

Study after study says American youth are in crisis, facing unprecedented mental health challenges that are burdening teen girls in particular. Among the most glaring data: A recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report showed almost 60% of U.S. girls reported persistent sadness and hopelessness. Rates are up in boys, too, but about half as many are affected.


I’m Reddit’s CEO and Think Regulating Social Media Is Tyranny. AITA?

FOR THE FIRST 20 minutes of our conversation, Steve Huffman, CEO of Reddit, the sixth most-visited website in the US, does a good impression of a 2020s tech executive. “Our mission,” he says at one point, “is to bring community belonging and empowerment to everyone in the world.”


How charity magazines are evolving in the digital age

For more established charities, supporter magazines have been around for decades – before a digital magazine was even conceivable. While there are pros and cons to both paper and digital magazines, many charities offer choice to their supporters – allowing them to receive their magazine by either post or email.


The link between SEO and accessibility and how to master it on your e-commerce website

User-friendliness is paramount online, and that means your website needs to be immediately easy to use for everyone. This means that it doesn’t matter what device someone uses, whether they use their phone or desktop, and it doesn’t matter if the user in question is working around disabilities like hearing, visual or motor impairments. Technology can do so much, but you need first to make your website as accessible as possible. The good news for those looking to boost their ranking on the SERPs and their DA, accessibility and SEO today go hand-in-hand. By making your website accessible, you can reach a wider audience and provide a better user experience for everyone, all while improving your on-page SEO efforts.


Grassroots fact-checking or illegal advertising? City probes websites targeting Toronto mayoral hopefuls

Websites taking aim at the council track records of some high-profile candidates for mayor may have run afoul of the city’s elections watchdog, sparking debate over what kind of campaign advertising could — or should — be allowed in the wide open race.


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