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One Degree Wednesday April 19 2023

Social media is doomed to die

I spent more than seven years there, writing almost everything from in-app copy to pitch decks, trying to make Snapchat different from every other social media app. And then, the other day, I received a push notification from the app telling me to wish my nemesis a happy birthday. This might read as normal or even expected to most of you, but I recognized the notification for what it really was: a death knell for a social media platform past its prime.


Snap Says It’s Wrongly Dragged Into Social Media Addiction Suits

Snap Inc. says it can’t be sued for allegedly addicting young users and contributing to a mental-health crisis because its “ephemeral” messaging service is “fundamentally different” from other platforms including TikTok and Instagram that are at the center of a surge in lawsuits over social media addiction.


Inspirational Canadian Innovations being recognized for the Governor General’s Innovation Awards

Today the Rideau Hall Foundation (RHF) is pleased to announce the recipients of the eighth annual Governor General’s Innovation Awards (GGIA). These awards recognize and celebrate exceptional and transformational Canadian innovations, which are creating a positive impact in Canada and beyond, while also inspiring the next generation of innovators.


Thousands fled to Mastodon after Musk bought Twitter. Are they still ‘tooting’?

The decentralized social network has seen user numbers drop in recent months, but tech-savvy users remain passionate


Federal Court sides with Facebook in privacy case tied to Cambridge Analytica affair

A judge has dismissed the federal privacy watchdog’s bid for a declaration that Facebook broke the law governing the use of personal information in a case flowing from the Cambridge Analytica affair.







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