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One Degree Thursday April 20 2023

Hootsuite is Embracing AI, Here’s Why

The company recognized that social marketers are pumping out content at an unprecedented speed on a daily basis. This results in marketers facing creative block more often than appreciated.


Digital upskilling: How is the Canadian Government upskilling its own employees?

Over the past year, the Canadian government has announced it was investing C$17.6 million over three years, starting in 2022 – 2023, to to help 100,000 Canadians gain the skills they need to participate in the digital economy.


The 21 Most Profitable Niches to Get Into

If you’re considering starting a business or looking for ways to increase your income, finding a profitable niche is key. In this article, you’ll discover a list of the 21 most profitable niches to help you start or grow online businesses. Let’s begin!


The Importance of Psychological Safety in Marketing

Today’s world of work is evolving and becoming more in tune with the individual as part of the overall organization. Granted, that does not apply to the vast majority of workplaces, but the idea of psychological safety has taken off in progressive organizations interested in building better ways of working together. For many, it is a game changer.


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