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One Degree Friday April 21 2023

Sociologist says pandemic may have made Canadian youth less empathetic, meaner

Increased time online during the pandemic may have made young Canadians meaner, a researcher said Wednesday, warning that declining empathy which emerged during isolation was now fostering increased cruelty during in-person interactions, including at school.


Microsoft removes Twitter from its social media tool for advertisers

Starting on April 25th, advertisers using Microsoft’s social media management tool will no longer be able to access Twitter on their dashboard. As Mashable has first reported, the tech giant has announced on its Advertising platform page that its Digital Marketing Center’s Smart Campaigns with Multi-platform tool will no longer support the social network in a few days’ time.


Not using ChatGPT in your strategy? You could risk ‘falling behind’, warns partner

Canadian businesses are all in when it comes to ChatGPT, with a new report detailing that 37% of organizations are looking at generative AI. But is that enough?


Canada Post’s Tales of Triumph small business contest now accepting applications

Canada Post’s annual Tales of Triumph contest is back for its fourth year and is accepting applications from April 17 to May 12, 2023.


Digital transformation: 4 trends to pay attention to right now

The pandemic propelled many businesses to adopt digital technologies faster than ever before. While the immediate rush to adopt new technologies and services that address pandemic-related challenges has subsided, investing in digital transformation has not: Worldwide spend on new technologies and services is steadily increasing year over year and will reach US$3.4 trillion by 2026, according to recent Statista research.


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