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One Degree Tuesday April 25 2023

The key role of directors in digital transformation

The creation of a board of directors or an advisory board with independent directors is a sign of maturity of the company’s shareholders. As companies grow, they need more professionalism from their governing bodies to improve decision making and value creation. Involving the board more actively in the digital transformation process is a new step in this maturity, as the institution’s participation increases the likelihood of success of the digital transformation process.


How technology unlocks business models: The story of Netflix

“Usually the best way to figure out if your crazy idea is any good is simply to try it. So that’s what we did,” Marc Randolph, Netflix’s co-founder and original CEO,

That crazy idea was to send a CD through the mail to learn whether the concept of a mail-order DVD subscription service was practical. The CD, sent by USPS in a greeting card envelope, arrived safely the next day. The proof of operating concept for Netflix was confirmed.


ChatGTP, the “Practical Guide,” interview with Conor Grennan 

So, you heard about this new AI phenomenon – so smart it’s going to change your life, take over your job, and maybe even take over the world.


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