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One Degree Wednesday April 26 2023


There are a few debates currently brewing within the Canadian broadcast ecosystem about Bill C-11, also known as the Online Streaming Act.

Will bringing online platforms — such as YouTube, Spotify and Netflix — under the scope of the Broadcasting Act succeed in generating more funds for a wider range of national programming?


The truth about teens, social media and the mental health crisis

Back in 2017, psychologist Jean Twenge set off a firestorm in the field of psychology.

Twenge studies generational trends at San Diego State University. When she looked at mental health metrics for teenagers around 2012, what she saw shocked her. “In all my analyses of generational data — some reaching back to the 1930s — I had never seen anything like it,” Twenge wrote in the Atlantic in 2017.


SEO for Performance Marketing: You Can’t Afford to Ignore It

Between unpredictable market dynamics and a looming recession, marketing budgets are shrinking. But the need for it and expected outcomes from it continue to grow significantly. As marketers, we all face a common challenge: How do we do more with less? Well, you put money where the results are. Performance marketing as a methodology is designed to achieve just that. You monitor your channels, identify which of them drive the most customer conversions, and optimize them to maximize ROI.


Google’s cloud business turns profitable for the first time on record

Google has been pouring money into its cloud-computing business to compete with Amazon
and Microsoft Those hefty investments are finally turning a profit.


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