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One Degree Thursday April 27 2023

How Canada is trying to rein in Big Tech as data becomes more powerful

Whether you’re catching a flight, opening a new bank account or picking up groceries, a small group of big names takes up most of the market share. Competition Ltd. is a Canadian Press series that explores what this means for products — and prices — in the country.


Government of Canada invests in high-risk, high-reward interdisciplinary research to support world-leading innovation

When Canadian researchers from different disciplines are encouraged to collaborate, new ideas and ways to overcome Canada’s present and future challenges can be unearthed. This can lead to the health and the social and economic well-being of our society. That is why the Government of Canada is there to support research teams pushing the boundaries of innovation.


Infographic: Food and beverage advertising to children and teens in Canada

Obesity and chronic disease are major health concerns for Canada’s children and teens
Chronic diseases, like diabetes, are on the rise in children and teens in Canada.


Bud Light fumbles, but experts say inclusive ads will stay

Bud Light may have fumbled its attempt to broaden its customer base by partnering with a transgender influencer. But experts say inclusive marketing is simply good business — and it’s here to stay.


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