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One Degree Friday May 5 2023

Before I get to the Daily Briefing the set up of the new office took a lot longer than I had hoped but it worked out fabulously. The new plans are well underway and will announce what we have in store shortly.

Now today’s Daily Briefing

Shopify to reduce workforce by 20%, sells logistics business to Flexport for 13% equity

Shopify revealed today that it’s laying off 20% of its workforce, impacting more than 2,000 people, and is selling its logistics business to Flexport for roughly 13% in stock.


Generation Z, or Gen Z, are individuals born between 1997 and 2012. This group has grown up with technology and social media, making their thoughts and ideas easier to share with the world. Social media has become a powerful tool for activism and social justice, and Gen Z feminists have been at the forefront of using it to effect change. Advocates are reshaping the feminist movement for future generations. The feminist movement faces a new frontier on social media, battling far-right misinformation and hate through social media activism.


The complete guide to social media community management

In today’s new social media landscape, engagement is right up there with entertainment and with good reason. Active social media communities build hype around a brand, providing organic amplification for launches and promotional activities, alike.


Google, Meta executives push back against Canada online news bill

Google and Meta would withdraw access to news articles in Canada if legislation compelling internet companies to pay news publishers is passed, company executives told Canadian lawmakers on Wednesday.


B.C.-based web agency Array smashes accounting stereotypes and raises the bar with prestigious win at international design competition for their work on

Array, a full-service marketing agency, has been awarded gold in the prestigious MUSE Creative Awards for their innovative work redesigning B.C. based DMCL Chartered Professional Accountants’ website.


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