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One Degree Friday May 12 2023

Canada just unveiled new passports with several high-tech features (VIDEO)

The federal government unveiled the design for the new Canadian passport on Wednesday morning, boasting several new state-of-the-art security features.


Facebook Marketing Strategy: The Complete Guide to the 12 Best Strategies

Do you keep wondering how to grow your business, create loyal fans, and drive demand on Facebook? If yes, then keep reading this Facebook marketing strategy guide!


How to Start Teaching Your Kids About Social Media

On May 9, the American Psychological Association (APA) released its first-ever guidelines for teen social-media use: a collection of 10 recommendations for kids, parents, platform creators, and lawmakers to heed for kids’ health online and offline. These include confining social-media use to about an hour before bedtime so as not to interfere with sleep and physical activity, tweaking social-media use and features to match kids’ ages and developmental capabilities, and minimizing exposure to online hate and risky behaviors like self-harm. (Read them all here.)


Connecting students and employers

Meet Jonah Ferguson, VIU’s Employer and Student Engagement Coordinator! His job is to connect students with employers and organizations relevant to their area of study. Are you a student looking to connect with employers, or an employer looking to connect with students?


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