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One Degree Monday May 15 2023

A few weeks ago, my spouse and I made a bet. I said there was no way ChatGPT could believably mimic my writing style for a smartwatch review. I’d already asked the bot to do that months ago, and the results were laughable. My spouse bet that they could ask ChatGPT the exact same thing but get a much better result. My problem, they said, was I didn’t know the right queries to ask to get the answer I wanted.


Canada Could Soon Launch A Digital Dollar — Here’s What That Means

The way Canadians pay for things might look a lot different in the near future. The Bank of Canada has recently introduced the concept of a Canadian digital dollar, or Central Bank Digital Currency, which simply put, would be a digital version of cash.


A look inside the high-tech Quebec farm powered by robots and AI

One of the biggest high-tech farms in North America is a family-run business in Napierville, Quebec. The indoor vertical farm is largely powered by robots and artificial intelligence, taking the hard labour out of farming.


Tinder cracks down on OnlyFans and sugar daddy ads by removing social handles

Popular dating app Tinder has announced it will remove any social-media handles listed in public-user profile bios from today, in a bid to crack down on people using the service to advertise sex work.


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