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One Degree Wednesday May 17 2023

The 2023 Women of the Year Awards: Entrepreneurial Leader – Winner

Karen Dosanjh has undoubtedly grown over the course of her 30-year professional career, but the characteristics that led to her first job are still very much intact. As a huge hockey fan raised in Richmond, Dosanjh had the dream of working for the Vancouver Canucks.



The Golden Globes are silly fun, the BAFTAs scream sophistication, and the Oscars channel mainstream entertainment, but for proud queer folks who love film, TV and music, nothing compares to the GLAAD Media Awards.


YouTube wants users to stop using ad blockers

“Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube.” That’s the message YouTube may show to some users who use ad blockers. It’s part of what appears to be a small experiment the platform is running. Why we care. In theory, this could mean more views for YouTube Ads. The question is whether those users will be at all receptive to YouTube Ads – they may simply choose to abandon watching a video or, more drastically, ditch the entire platform.


The Role Of Technology In Parcel Delivery In The Digital Age

Parcel services are essential in today’s fast-paced world for moving goods and amenities from one location to another. Digital technology is becoming more and more significant as the need for quick and dependable parcel delivery grows. Nearly every area of our lives has been transformed by digital technology, and the courier sector is no exception. The role of technology in parcel delivery in the digital age is discussed in this article.


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