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One Degree Thursday May 18 2023

Digital listening reveals 3 leading innovation drivers

In six short months, ChatGPT propelled artificial intelligence (AI) into the minds and imaginations of the masses more than any other development since the term “AI” was coined in 1956. According to research sponsored by, an astonishing 39% of U.S. and U.K. adult web users surveyed have used one or more generative AI tools.


Snoop Dogg says Ottawa Senators bid will include equity for First Nations

Snoop Dogg shouted out Canada’s First Nations in his ongoing social media campaign to promote his bid to buy the NHL’s Ottawa Senators. The rapper is part of a bid spearheaded by Los Angeles-based businessman Neko Sparks. Snoop Dogg posted a video to Instagram yesterday in a recording studio and wearing an Ottawa Senators jersey.


Do you have any old Google accounts you haven’t used in a while? You might want to log in and take a look around once every 24 months or so, as Google has announced an update to its policies for inactive accounts. The old policy, laid out in 2020 at the same time it ended free unlimited storage for Google Photos, said that Google might wipe data stored in accounts that haven’t been touched for at least two years, but a blog post written by product manager Ruth Kricheli says that, now, those accounts could be deleted entirely.


Third-Party Platforms Will Soon be Able to Provide Instagram Stories Scheduling

Good news for social media managers, with Meta adding Instagram Stories posting capacity into its Instagram Graph API, which means that third-party posting tools will soon be able to facilitate Stories posting, and scheduling, making it easier to manage your content from a single platform.


Unilever Digital Transformation Strategy Analysis Report 2023

The “Unilever – Digital Transformation Strategies” report has been added to’s offering. Unilever is strengthening its focus on the use of key disruptive technologies to enhance its operational efficiency and offer better products.


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