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One Degree Friday May 19 2023

Twitter now allows paid users to upload two-hour videos

Twitter has made changes to its paid plan, allowing subscribers to upload two-hour-long videos — expanding the previous 60-minute limit.


Canada news boss urges global peers to stick to their guns in battle with big tech

The head of Canada’s news industry trade body has told publishers in other countries not to be “intimidated” by threats from Google and Facebook as more jurisdictions pursue legislation to force the duopoly to pay for news.


Google plans to use new A.I. models for ads and to help YouTube creators, sources say

Google has approved several ad-related artificial intelligence projects to help advertisers and YouTube creators, internal documents show.


How To Build An Ecommerce Website: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you plan to promote your products or services on the internet but you are wondering how to build an ecommerce website? I understand. Learning how to make an ecommerce website isn’t an easy task.


US banks rethink social media as a threat, not a marketing tool

Bankers are beefing up risk management, monitoring and emergency procedures around the use of social media after an internet-fueled run toppled Silicon Valley Bank two months ago and sparked turmoil in the industry.


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