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One Degree … 20 Years and Counting!

One Degree’s 20th Anniversary is this year.

I have owned the site since 2010 and for the last few years had it in what I would call maintenance mode, or in a holding pattern.

You see, in 2015 I suffered a life-altering medical error and in trying to recover (Several surgeries … 5 to be precise.) and few subsequent health issues resulted from all that. I am not going into it except to say, “Please be slightly forgiving!” I am using accessibility tools to guide me along online as I am legally blind. So, although I am trying to be diligent “Typos-R-Us” is, pretty much, the order of the day!

I did not want to abandon One Degree while I was dealing with all this, so I put in place a “Daily Briefing” strategy … aggregating 5 or so news stories Monday to Friday using 45 Google alerts, 40 RSS feeds in News Explorer which I really like ! And about a dozen subscriptions I have.

This kept the site going – in fact, it grew the readership! Plus it keeps me up to date with current events.

This was an idea Bruno Leps and I discussed many years ago when he was with Dun and Bradstreet. We were working on another project and tinkered with the idea of “EIS.”  If MIS is Management Information Systems, then EIS is Executive Information Systems. That project always resonated with me and as someone who comes from the traditional magazine industry, I picked the articles daily that I felt would be of interest to you, the readers … because I found them personally interesting!

Marking two decades we have a new logo, a tweak or two to the site design and an adjustment in the publishing strategy.

I have added a news aggregator Widget plugged into The Verge which was the source of a lot of the News Briefs. And I personally really like this mag.

I may look at refining or changing or enhancing that feature.

I will also be back blogging regularly and accepting guest posts, As for a newsletter and email lists I have’t made my mind up yet. If there is a compelling argument to add a Newsletter I will happily add it but I want to concentrate of the Social Media channels.

So folks thanks for sticking with us and looking forward to 20 more years!











  1. Bill Serson
    Bill Serson May 29, 2023

    Congrats Pete!

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