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Yes, I am still on about AI

I was writing a follow-up to the previous post this morning and as the Initial frenzy seems to have quieted a bit I wanted to give an AI, One Degree Top Ten. However, this email just came in from Neal Schaffer. I have been following him and subscribe to his newsletter. I cannot recommend him enough. He put together an article worthy (Yet again!) of reading … here it is!

35 Recommended AI Tools for Business

By Neal Schaffer

AI tools have become a necessity, not only for marketing but also for all other daily business processes. These programs can automate tasks we previously needed days and even weeks to do by hand. Even better, they utilize real-time data and, unlike humans, aren’t prone to errors – although they can hallucinate in an attempt to fulfill their mission. That aside, in terms of sheer idea generation alone they have become indispensable for me already just over the last few months.

Unfortunately, despite all the benefits, the large number of options in the market can cause headaches for entrepreneurs and businesses trying to figure out what tool they should use for what process. Some platforms might excel at specific features while providing subpar results for other tasks. Because of that, it’s vital that you understand the market, the best available products, and how they can improve your business performance.

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