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Weekly Wrap-Up Thursday August 24 2023

The Truth About Gigs, Gs and Other Internet Marketing Jargon

Your phone probably runs on 5G. But you may have also seen a bunch of ads about “10G” and be wondering what that means. Is it twice as fast? Does it reach twice as far? One local internet company, Ziply Fiber, just announced a 10 Gig plan. Is that the same?


X is Changing How Link Previews are Presented In-Stream, Which Could Impact Your Posting Strategy

I can understand Elon Musk’s push in most cases, in trying to drive certain actions on X, like reducing the reach of tweets from non-X Blue subscribers in order to boost Blue take-up, or limiting the reach of posts with external links to better incentivize direct posting to the app.


Canadian govt to stop buying ads on Facebook, Instagram

Canada’s government will stop buying ads on Facebook and Instagram, Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez announced Wednesday, as a feud heats up with tech giants over a new media compensation law.

The Online News Act, adopted by parliament last month, requires digital giants like Google and Meta to make commercial deals to compensate Canadian news outlets when users access articles through their products, or face binding arbitration.



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