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Weekly Wrap-Up September 7, 2023

TFW your grandma becomes a social media sensation

In one of her recent posts, Joan MacDonald twirls on a beach and smiles radiantly into the camera. In another, the 77-year-old exhales heavily as she squats under a weighted bar in a gym.

Among the so-called “granfluencers” on social media, the Cobourg, Ont., native is something of a heavy weight who says she’s still getting used to flexing her social media muscles and notes that “not in 1,000 years” did she see herself becoming an influencer in her 70s.


Lean for the modern company

In the late 1980s, James Womack and a team of MIT researchers identified the enduring value of the Toyota Production System and named it “lean.” Since then, many leading companies, including Fortive and Danaher, have adopted key elements of this systemic, process-focused approach to boosting quality and eliminating waste. Lean’s clinical assessment of processes, as opposed to simply final outputs, has, among other things, helped bring about a dramatic drop in reported defects in manufacturing and heavy industry.


Unlocking the potential of private real estate in the age of digital marketing

In the world of private investments, real estate stands out as a unique asset class, offering advantages like stable returns, portfolio diversification, and a hedge against inflation. Yet, navigating clients through the sea of alternative investments can be challenging for advisors.


Operators in Ontario Must Resort to New Advertising Tactics

Last week, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario announced its decision to ban the use of professional athletes in online gambling advertisements and endorsements. According to the CEO of Rivalry, Steven Salz, the advertising changes will require operators in the province’s iGaming sector to become more creative in their marketing efforts.



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