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Weekly Wrap-Up September 15, 2023

Say goodbye to the journalism you know

Imagine you’re lying in your bed, scrolling through TikTok video after video, when you stumble across 15 seconds highlighting some crucial news about your home country. In an effort to combat misinformation, you go to a trusted media outlet’s Instagram. But, after scrolling through @cbcnews, @ctvnews and @nbcnews accounts, you find you’re met with an alert telling you that the content you’re looking for isn’t available in Canada. You go to Google and flip through news articles. You find there is a real crisis in your home country, but now you’re unable to see or share it on Instagram and Facebook. That’s what happened to Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) fourth-year journalism student Reema Najjar when she found out about Canada’s growing wildfires, now suddenly affecting Ontario, on TikTok days after the news broke this summer.


How a 13-year-old Canadian tech prodigy is taking the video game industry by storm

While Maximus Trest can’t legally drive or vote in any government elections yet, he mastered how to break barriers in the video game industry before his 14th birthday.

The 13-year-old from White Rock, B.C., is the video game developer behind the highly anticipated “Astrolander,” an action-adventure, co-operative game that is set to release exclusively on PlayStation 5.


The British Monarchy in Canada

It has now been one year since Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, and Canadians have now had time to reassess their views on the role of the British monarchy in Canada. From September 8 to 10, 2023, we surveyed Canadians to better understand their perceptions of the monarchy and its place in Canada.



The British Columbia Lottery Corporation will not be following Ontario’s recent internet advertising changes, as it refuses to ban the use of athletes from featuring in iGaming ads. In a recent radio interview, the Crown agency’s Matt Lee reminded that BCLC already has a policy in place forbidding it from using sports stars or other celebrities to endorse gambling.



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