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Weekly Wrap up October 13, 2023

Variety and Canva Join Forces to Create Interview Studio for Marketers During Advertising Week

For the first time, Variety will host an Interview Studio during Advertising Week featuring three days of programmed interviews with marketing leaders in the industry presented by Canva.


Why visuals matter: The science and art of effective storytelling

Learn why images are vital for transcending audience barriers and transforming data-heavy content. Explore how our innate reaction to visual stimuli shapes our digital media consumption, and how technology is evolving to enhance our viewing experience. Understand the unique ability of imagery to connect with a broad audience, transcending language and cultural boundaries.


Women’s Guide to Cyber Safety 2023

Women and girls are both the targets and scapegoats of online harassment; we’re singled out and then victim-blamed as though we asked to be persecuted. The cycle has been vicious and endless, but not anymore. It’s time for us to take control and put an end to the attacks on women online.


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