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Weekly-Wrap Up

Liberals announce legislation to set stage for digital services tax

The Liberal government announced legislation Tuesday that will pave the way for the implementation of a digital services tax, but it contains no date for when the tax will come into effect.


What You Need to Know About the ‘Get Ready With Me’ Video Trend Sweeping Social Media

“Get Ready with Me” videos are everywhere these days, and they’re as straightforward as the name suggests. Social media users, often influencers, invite viewers to watch them get ready to do something or go somewhere. And embedded in the storyline are the skin care, the makeup, the hairdo and all the glam that goes into looking hot — and, of course, the personal stories about life or love that arrest your attention.


Minister attacks ‘despicable’ failure of social media firms on harmful content

Social media firms have been accused of a “despicable” failure to act on harmful content after new research showed that material related to suicide, self-harm and depression is still prevalent on Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest six years after Molly Russell’s death.


Keeping children safe in a rapidly changing digital landscape

Twenty years after starting as an intern at an organization to help create a safe media environment for children, Josh Golin is leading the group’s efforts as its executive director.


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