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Amazing 8 Trends To Grow On Instagram In 2024


Has your engagement and visibility on Instagram dropped? Or your content needs to attain the expected results. 

Are you unsure what is trending in social media, in particular Instagram?

This blog post covers the top 8 Instagram Trends to grow in the platform in 2024. This post will be suitable for anyone who is handling a brand’s Instagram account, from agencies to marketing professionals, and easily understandable.Let’s get in.

1. Sustaining In Reels

Instagram Reels are the most important social media content formats that will remain strong in 2024. Reels will be popular due to high interaction rates and preference for visuals, easy to understand media.

Instagram Reels provides sharing of information and brand promotion to satisfy the users quickly.

Reels are also used to share the latest trends. It can be a well-liked dance or a meme format in high demand. Adding these ideas can boost your visibility. Just keep in mind that reliability is the main feature of reels. Content that is real and relatable attracts viewers.

2. Engaging Live Broadcasts

By 2024, interactive live streams will be the main part of Instagram, changing how businesses communicate with their followers in real time.

Budding businesses can take advantage of this trend by arranging Q and A sessions, Live teaching, and explaining about a product. Communicating with your viewers will enable them to participate and strengthen the community.

3. Concentrating On Budding-Influencers

In 2024, Instagram brands will collaborate with budding creators to reach more audiences in their segment.

Despite smaller followings, these influencers’ dedicated audience and engagement rates will be higher than the macro-influencers. According to a study by Emplifi, 91% of interactions on Instagram’s sponsored content are given to micro-influencers.

Micro-influencers built trust and genuineness with their audience. Concentrating on this, brands will collaborate, enhance their trust, and raise the quality of Instagram engagement.

4. Genuine And Content Without Filters

Instagram will publish reels that are genuine and unfiltered in the upcoming yer. The goal of this trend is to replace posts that are unreal with more genuine content that is relatable to the audience.

How Will You Adapt To This Trend?

Reveal the actual faces behind your brand and provide behind-the-scenes clips. For example, if you own a bakery, you can share the recipes or candid photos of the baking in your story. You can add a personal touch and become more close to your audience by using less selected content.

5. Broadcast Feature On Instagram

A new Instagram feature called broadcast channel where a brand can directly communicate with the audience. These channels are used to share their new content, real-time updates, and announcements. It gives more connection with the audience and attract the attention of your target IG audience.

Kar Brulhart, ambassador for Instagram’s creators, says that this broadcast feature gives fast engagement with their audience. 

So, if you haven’t created a broadcast channel, 2024 is the best time to start and create a closer engagement quickly with your customers.

6. Collaborations And Partnerships Posts

In 2024, collaboration and partnership posts will be highly effective on Instagram to engage and reach new audiences. By collaborating with a successful business or an influencer, a brand can reach new audiences and bring new viewpoints to their product. accelerate your earnings on Instagram Reels.

A good example is the collaboration between travel bloggers and lifestyle brands. Both sides will increase their reach and engagement by creating content that combines the travel experience with lifestyle. For example, a travel gear company collaborates with a famous blogger based on travel and creates real content that satisfies their viewer’s needs to explore new places.

These collaborations are limited to small companies. For instance, an organic food store in a local area can collaborate with a fitness influencer to provide content about healthy living in their community.

7. Posts That Can Be Shoppable

In 2024, Instagram is considered a new marketplace, appreciating its growing popularity on shoppable posts. This will allow customers to purchase directly from a post, which makes the entire shopping experience user-friendly.

Shoppable posts should be part of the marketing mix next year if you are a product-based company.

8. Using Polls In The Comment Section

Entering the final topic, one of the better ideas for boosting user engagement on Instagram is conducting polls. This trend will be the boom in 2024 and also offers several benefits and is easy for a brand to implement.

These polls can be used

  • Gather feedback from viewers
  • Understand audience choice
  • Boosting engagement

For example, a brand based on beauty products will post two lipstick shades and ask followers to select their favorite one. This method improves engagement; the audience also shares his valuable feedback, which helps shape sales strategies. 

Moreover, using polls in the comments is an efficient way to convert passive audiences into active participants. Convert your Instagram account into an interactive exchange in conversation. 


The above topics cover the top Instagram trends for 2024. There are plenty of tools to try, whether making a creative reel or using polls in the comments and engaging with your community. So, why not try a set of trends and see how it works? Also, keep a note of your engagement and find out what works for you. At last, enjoy it.

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