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About Us is one of the most-accessed Canadian business sites used as a research and reference resource with over 3,000 permanent articles on digital marketing, strategy, online communications, social media … and much, much more!

Founded in 2003, Peter Mosley owns and has operated One Degree since 2010.

There will still be guest articles from time to time but we will be serving up “Industry News” posts, as One Degree Briefings every day during the business week. These types of posts have been tested and the results show folks want “more news, more often” and in bite-sized chunks. All this is supported by data we have collected over the last couple of years or so.

Editorial & Commenting Policy

  • All our opinions and those of our contributors are editorially independent and their opinions are their own. Our opinions are exactly that – opinions.
  • Comments are open. We’d like to keep it that way. So, please be constructive in your criticism. Play nice with others – there’s a human at the end of every post. Own what you say. – we will delete anonymous comments. And any others that we consider hateful, libelous, or just generally uncool.

In addition, we have built a Reference Dashboard. If you have a listing you would like to add please send it in using the form below.