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Facts About Us:

One Degree has a reach on average of 435,000 people per month via this site and social media channels, and it gets an average of 55,000 unique visitors per month to the site. In addition, we have thousands of active subscriptions to One Degree via RSS feeds.

One Degree readers are primarily Canadian internet marketing professionals and those in related fields such as web design, PR, analytics, etc.

Plus, with over 3,000 archived articles and 3,500 moderated comments, One Degree is the go-to site for research on people in the industry, businesses, potential customers, or popular topics! We also have a curated Resource Dashboard.

That is the essence of One Degree – you are only “One Degree” away from all the information you will ever need!

Site Sponsorship: 

One Degree is about to launch a rebrandanding in this our twentieth year.

One Degree reaches a hard-to-reach niche: Canadian Internet Marketers. One Degree was geared exclusively to this audience in part so that endemic advertisers (advertisers that are also members of the community) would see the value as readers and understand the value of also participating as sponsors.

What It Costs

A Site Sponsorship costs are available upon request.

What You Get

Sponsors get a custom designed program. We will design a program for you and with you. Let us know what your requirements are.

We are seasoned advertising and marketing professionals with over 35 years of Canadian and international experience.

Contact us at mose [@] onedegree [dot] ca. and let us know what you are interested in sponsoring. We’ll then work with you on timing and getting your message out.

Promo Posts

PromoPosts offer you an opportunity to reach your audience with value-added content that is tied directly to your product or service. PromoPosts are One Degree posts that are authored by an advertiser and possibly edited by us to ensure that they bring value to our audience. Advertisers are limited to one PromoPost a week. No more than two PromoPosts from different advertisers will be posted in a single week.

What It Costs

A PromoPost is $125 USD

How It Works

  1. Write 300 – 400 words promoting the product or service that you want to feature. You can also have an image no bigger than 800 x 500 pixels.
  2. Send the content and the image to mose [@] onedegree [dot] ca.
  3. We’ll review and get back to you with any changes.
  4. Once payment is received through PayPal, your PromoPost will be posted according to our agreed-upon schedule.
  5. Please inquire about our volume discounts.

Of note if you are looking for a cheap $10 ad … we are not the site for you.

If you wish to negotiate a price we are always open to crafting a program to suit your needs. 

Any Questions?

If you need additional information, you can contact us at mose [@] onedegree [dot] ca.

Or use this form.