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Category: Amanda Maltby

1 In 5 Marketing Messages Don't Get To The Inbox

_This is a guest contribution by Amanda Maltby._
Are you certain that your e-mail messages are reaching their intended targets? Have you spoken with your ISP about their filtering practices? Do you have a sinking feeling that no matter how many layers of consent you receive from your customers to send them e-mail, they still won’t get your messages?
If you answered no, no and not sure then you’re not alone. As spam continues to clog in-boxes concern related to the deliverability of legitimate e-mail messages rises and the average marketer is caught in the middle.
Good e-mail marketers are already using practices based on permission being obtained prior to an e-mail being sent and an opt-out opportunity being offered in every e-mail message. They do this or risk being labelled a spammer. But even when these practices are followed e-mail often doesn’t reach its intended recipient.


CIBC Ruling A Warning For All Marketers

_This is a guest contribution from Amanda Maltby._
Federal Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart “issued her findings this week”: on the much-publicized case involving misdirected faxes containing customer information that were sent by “CIBC”: to several unrelated third parties. The Commissioner’s office investigated when several CIBC customers complained that their personal data had been faxed to a U.S. and Quebec-based company over the course of a three-year period without their knowledge or consent.
While the Commissioner deliberated specifically on the bank’s practices, she also spoke more broadly about the impact these findings could have on any organization that collects, uses or discloses personal information for commercial purposes. And she’s right.

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