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Category: Ben Boudreau

Podcamp Halifax: Rocketboom's Andrew Baron

By Ben Boudreau

3226546295_3e2e7b9309Before it even began, Podcamp Halifax was ready to launch the social media scene of Atlantic Canada into orbit with the help of keynote speaker and founder of, Andrew Baron. For most of us, the thought of sustaining a daily international news program online may sound daunting enough but for Andrew and his team it's just another day in the life of the people behind the podcast featured in The New York Times, Rolling Stone and even CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Andrew's keynote, delivered to a diverse crowd spanning all ages, industries and levels of expertise, covered a lot of ground but one of the biggest takeaways was his analogy of social media immersion. He suggested quite eloquently that learning how to use social media is like adjusting to a new city and culture. If you were to move to North Korea, you would adapt and get your footing faster by leaving the house, eating at local restaurants, talking to people and exploring surroundings. If you were to just sit inside your house and peek out the window, you wouldn't get the same level of understanding.

To understand social media, you have to be a citizen of the internet both taking information from the Photobucketcommunity and contributing to it. Read more blogs, get a Twitter account and follow people, participate, comment, and push yourself past being an observer to truly witness the value of social media today.

Oh – and don't claim to be a social media expert. Andrew will make fun of you and you will deserve it.

Here's a brief interview with Andrew before his keynote at the first ever Podcamp Halifax:

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