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Category: Best Practices

Flickr’s API Helps Web 2.0 Development

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I am a recent flickr convert. Enlightened by the site’s versatility, I present the key features to the site’s success, and how it has been able to foster community growth through its API.

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10 B to B Recommendations

We have all experienced it. You visit a BtoB website hoping that they can solve your organization’s pain, but instead find a convoluted, outdated digital mess. To ensure you site is not guilty of this offense, here are 10 recommendations to consider.

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6 Tips For Better Blogger Outreach

With the rise of bloggers as key influencers a growing number of smart marketers are looking at blogs as a way to seed products and develop word-of-mouth while building web traffic and in-bound links.
Most marketers approach seeding products to influential bloggers in an ad hoc manner – they’ll pick a few blogs, send them a sample and see what happens. 

Interestingly, there have been some very controversial attempts to formalize this concept be companies like PayPerPost and ReviewMe.
All this had been a rather abstract concept for me until very recently when I got an email from Andrew Milligan, owner of Sumo Urban Lounge Gear, based here in Toronto.

To: Ken Schafer

From: Andrew Milligan

Subject: Contact Form from

Hi Ken,
My name is Andrew and I have a company named Sumo which makes modern, funky and high-quality bean bag chairs. I could simply say, our Omni chair is the most comfortable chair in the world and truly enhances one’s life!
I am a fan of your site and was wondering if you would be interested in taking a sample of our Omni chair and posting a review on it.

After taking a look at the Sumo Lounge site and checking out the Omni chair he was offering, I sent back a hearty "you’re on – as long as I can blog about you asking me to blog about it".


Steve Levy On Market Education

This 0:37 video features Steve Levy, of Ipsos-Reid, answering a quick question regarding the gap of knowledge between marketers and agencies.

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7 Tips for Better Internet Video

Long before I became an Internet marketer, I studied filmmaking and worked in the feature film and television industry. With the increasing interest in shooting original video content for the Internet, either for streaming or downloading, I thought it would be beneficial to share a few production pointers.
If you’re planning on shooting video for the Internet, here are seven tips that will help improve the end product.

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