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Corporate Blogging and Sled Talk with Chris Reid of Yamaha – 5 Question Interview

Yamaha Sled Talk was one of the first corporate blogs in Canada. Started 2 years ago by Chris Reid, National Manager, Product Planning and Research, Yamaha Motor Canada and their agency, Social Media Group, Yamaha Sled Talk has grown into an active community of snowmobile enthusiasts receiving approximately 1400 visits and 10-20 comments each week.  We chatted with Chris about Yamaha Sled Talk's success and his upcoming presentation at the CMA National Convention.

OD: What has been the biggest surprise with Yamaha Sled Talk over the last 2 years?

I think it's important to understand the concerns we faced when proposing a corporate blog, mostly with regards to risk management associated with the nature of our business.

For some, I think the simple fact that we have not been overwhelmed by customer relations issues and are still on line with Sled Talk has come as a rather large surprise.

For me personally, it has been the genuine enthusiasm and support shown for what we are doing by our customer subscribers.

Yamaha sled talk

OD: How do you measure success of the blog?  How do you communicate that success up and down the line?

I rely on analytics to generate the metrics which are highlighted in our mid-term planning and presentations. Just as importantly, I monitor our comments closely, responding to many, sending links to our marketing people to the appropriate content with my own interpretations.

Our Google ranking has shown continuous strength with our SEO results providing a good measurable as well.

I also monitor targeted user group forums and reference any links where Sled Talk is being cited within the conversation. I seldom speak to the success of Sled Talk outside of our management team with the selfish notion of not attracting our competitors into a similar arena. (So far… so good! 😉 )

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