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Category: Bill Sweetman

The Art of Domain Name War

I got into an interesting debate with a colleague the other day regarding the acquisition of a domain name for one of their clients, a large corporation.

During the course of planning a major integrated ad campaign, the team at my colleague’s agency realized they would need to create a mini Website to support the campaign. Not surprisingly, said mini Website would need its own unique domain name.

It was then discovered that the desired domain name, let’s call it, had already been registered by a third party. (Note: I actually own, but it’s mentioned here just as an example.)

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Blog, Schmog… It's a Website to Most People

Twice in the last week I’ve been asked if older (i.e. 55+) Internet users “blog.”
In both instances, the person asking me the question didn’t mean, “Are grey surfers bloggers?” but instead was wondering if this older crowd reads blogs.
This is a legitimate question. It also reveals a faulty assumption regarding blogs, which is that your average surfer (of any age) can distinguish between a blog and a regular Website.