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Category: Bill Sweetman

Learned: The Pros and Cons of Using a .CA Domain Name

To .CA or not to .CA, that is often the question Canadian marketers ask themselves when they want to register a new domain name. Now that it’s much easier and cheaper to register .CA domain names, more and more marketers are struggling with this decision. The .CA extension has certainly become more commonplace and is better understood by Canadian consumers. Yet the .CA comes with its fair share of challenges.

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Recommended: 12 Questions You Must Ask Before Doing SEO

Thinking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your Website? Before you go to the trouble and expense, here are 12 questions you must ask of yourself and any SEO vendor you are considering engaging to do the work:

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Observed: You Know the Industry is Booming When…

By my reckoning our industry is exploding. Here are the three reasons why I say this.


Observed: Phishers Can’t Spell (Yet)

I’ve yet to be duped by a fraudulent email scam, despite the fact that the email con artists are getting better at their ‘trade’ all the time. My secret weapon? I can spell.

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