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Blog Stress – The New Writer's Block

_This post is contributed by Mitch Joel – see end of article for more on Mitch._
Pacing. That’s what I have been doing since Ken asked me to become a -regular- contributor to One Degree. What’s the big deal, so now I’m posting to another Blog instead of my own? For over fifteen years I’ve been contributing to publications of all sorts from all over the world… so why Blog Stress?

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Five Questions for David Carter – CTO, iUpload

“David Carter”: is CTO & VP Strategy of “iUpload”: David provides the overall technology direction of the company and consults with customers on internet strategy. David founded WebPartz Inc. which was acquired by iUpload in March of 2003. Prior to forming WebPartz, he spent 11 years at Microsoft where he had held various positions including Manager of Internet Strategy, Marketing Manager Knowledge Management, Content Management, and eCommerce products.
*One Degree: iUpload’s roots are in content management but you seem to be making your biggest inroads in blogging. At the same time, many blogging tools seem to be moving towards becoming full site/content management tools. What’s going on here?*
Our content management clients wanted more staff to contribute content, as well as including partners and customers. We used blogging as a way to allow them to do that. If you are a company with thousands of customers, managing that many posts requires a whole different approach. We took what we already knew about content management, with permissions, workflow, etc. and applied it to a new suite of tools to manage communities of blogs and blog posts. Our market is still the same, corporations and large communities; we’ve just broadened their sphere of contributors.
*One Degree: I’m fascinated by your “bubble up” content approach whereby community sites give readers blogs and then promote individual posts to more broadly read areas. Can you talk a little about this and what the appeal is for community sites over, for example, discussion boards?*

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