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5 Marketing Tools Made in Canada

5 Marketing Tools Made in Canada With 2013 coming to an end, a lot of us marketers are turning an eye to mapping out strategies and planning campaigns for the new year. And as Canadians, part of that planning process is often how we’re going to either compete with some of our larger counterparts to the south, or engage a market with ten times as many consumers as we have here in the Peaceable Kingdom.

Well, sometimes it helps when you have some success stories to look to for inspiration, and while planning out my clients’ strategies for continental domination in 2014, I found myself asking “What are some Canadian companies who have really made a splash in their respective industries?” And working in the industry that I do, marketing companies were, naturally, the first to come to mind.

So here’s an overview of five marketing companies who have their roots north of the 49th parallel, but have managed to make their mark the world over. And if their example can’t help inspire you, then maybe their products/services can help you reach your marketing goals in 2014.


Blended Search and Reputation Management Part III

By CT Moore

This is the third installment of our series on Blended Search and Reputation Management. In Part II we discussed how blended search can help with images and video. In this final part we look at Social Media and your Brand's reputation.

Social Media
Finally, you can capture added SERP real-esate by setting up branded profiles on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This part of your strategy, however, does come with a catch: these profiles cannot be left idle.

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