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What's a Domain Name Really Worth?

I’m often asked by people who own, or want to own, a domain name to give my opinion on what the "fair market value" of a particular domain name is.

I usually begin my reply by mentioning that the vast majority of domain names sold on the re-sale market go for less than $1,000. This is greeted by sighs of relief from the folks who want to buy a domain name, and gasps of incredulity from the folks who own a domain name: "Well, my domain name is worth much more than that…"

I then outline some (but not all) of the criteria that, in my opinion, make a domain name more valuable than others:

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5 Questions For Ross Rader, CIRA Candidate

Ross Rader
Ross Rader is Director of Research and Innovation at “Tucows”: A long-time contributor to the ongoing governance of the domain name system, he has made substantial contributions to CIRA, ICANN and many of the predecessor organizations that define the way the internet operates. In a former life, Ross was the Director of Marketing for one of Canada’s first successful ISPs, Internet Direct. Ross is a mostly-devoted blogger writing on a variety of topics at .
Note that I work with Ross at Tucows so I’m not completely unbiased here.
*One Degree: Does domain name governance impact marketers? My guess is many of our readers will do a “whatever” at the mention of the topic but I sense this might be short-sighted.*
“CIRA”: sets all policy related to how internet users interact with and register dotCA domain names. For example, CIRA is in the process of implementing new privacy policies that have a direct impact on how much domain name information is available to and can be used by marketers.
In the past, similar policies have been implemented outlining who qualifies to register dotCA domain names (which is of a high level of interest to companies who operate as subsidiaries of foreign-owned companies but want to be accessible on the web using a dotCA domain). CIRA has also been responsible for raising the awareness of the availability of dotCA names to Canadian internet users. All of this comes from CIRA’s governance mandate. Fortunately, CIRA involves its membership when it makes these decisions, so being involved really has its advantages if you are doing business on the internet in Canada.
*One Degree: What is the role of the CIRA Board?*

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