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Really Long URLs for Slim-Fast Promo

Marketing Magazine’s August 15th issue has an article called “The Spot’s Next Shot”: _(reg probably required)_ that gives details on a new cross-channel campaign from Slim-Fast:
bq.. “I’m not sure whether it is the way to the future, but it’s definitely a breakthrough for the category that we operate in,” says Sinem Uner, brand manager of Slim-Fast at Unilever in Toronto. “I think it’s a much better way to intrigue consumers.”
In Slim-Fast’s case, the decision to use short spots on HGTV, Life, Showcase and the Food Network to drive consumers to the Web made sense when research found Slim-Fast’s target market of women 25 to 54 often uses the Internet as an information source. What’s more, psychographic data found Slim-Fast’s target group is comprised of often-frustrated dieters who are bombarded with messages on health and weight loss from various media. “When they hear about these things, they’re more likely to surf the Web,” Uner says. Enter, a lighthearted domain name “that taps into our consumer insight and empathy.”

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5 Questions for Bernard Turcotte, President – CIRA

Bernard Turcotte
_CIRA is the not-for-profit organization mandated to operate the dot-ca top-level domain. As President of “Canadian Internet Registration Authority”: (CIRA), Mr. Turcotte is responsible for ensuring that all technical, organizational, and financial goals and processes are in support of CIRA’s mandate._
*One Degree: I understand that you are working with “FUSE Marketing Group”: to develop a marketing strategy to sell people on the idea of registering dot-ca domains. Why did you select FUSE?*
We wanted to give as many firms as possible the opportunity to work with CIRA so we posted an open call for proposals on CIRA’s website and in Marketing Magazine. All the submissions we received from interested parties reflected a great deal of competence and expertise. Our decision was a difficult one, but we selected FUSE because they seemed to have the best understanding of our current needs and corporate direction.
*One Degree: The development of a marketing strategy suggests that marketers aren’t always aware of the value of a dot-ca domain. Why do think is the case?*

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Three .ca Domain Name Disputes Resolved

CIRA has just published decisions on three recent .ca domain disputes –,, and…

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Five Questions for Jonathan Graff – President, Kaboose Inc.

“Kaboose Inc.”: is one of the world’s leading online media companies focused on kids and families. The Kaboose Network, including award-winning sites like “”:, “”: and “”:, is a top 10 global Internet destination for over 6.5 million kids and families a month looking for entertaining, interactive and educational content. Jonathan has over 8 years Internet industry experience and an MBA from the University of Western Ontario.
*One Degree: Kaboose is geared to kids but makes aggressive use of advertising throughout most (all?) of its sites. Is there a right way to market to kids online without raising the ire of either parents or the government?*
Kaboose is a free site for kids and parents and is thus supported by advertising. Kaboose is the intermediary between millions of kids and parents and some of the largest brands in the world. We have many parents who bring their kids to Kaboose and they observe their kids interacting with our site, and thus are very aware of the advertising on it. So, the first thing an advertiser and publisher needs to constantly be aware of is that in the online world, where there are kids there are parents. Our most important role as a provider of ad supported content is to be a responsible publisher. That means accepting only ads that are suitable for a child of any age, approving the creative and messaging of every ad that goes up on the site.
*One Degree: You’ve got some pretty in-your-face interstitial ads on the site. The Pillsbury Doughboy just drew a “StrudelDoodle” all over my monitor! I’ve heard reports of technical horror stories with poorly coded ads on some Canadian sites. How do you guard against technical faux pas damaging your brand and your advertisers’ campaigns?*

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Dumbest Canadian Domain Mistake Ever?

Okay, I don’t mean to pick on Black’s today but they’re making it too easy…
Where would you find Black’s Photo online?

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