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Category: E-mail Acquisition

Contests, Sweepstakes, Coupons and Other Online Acquisition Tools

(This is a series of posts to try and bring together all the elements of online acquisition for use in targeted, data-driven relationship marketing.)
As marketing strategies evolve and more budget is spent online, a greater number of marketers are beginning to embrace the idea of relationship marketing. Basically, these leaders are looking to create dialogues with customers and key prospects to deliver against marketing objectives. But as the targets each marketer is trying to reach become more savvy we have to be more aware they are increasingly inundated with marketing “clutter”. And with more and more CFOs pushing brand management in the direction of marketing disciplines that are highly measurable, it is imperative that these executions drive short-term results.
There are a number of online tactics that can deliver on the promise of measurable results while also building the foundation for a successful relationship marketing strategy that can deliver on the marketing group’s objectives. The main tactics include contests, sweepstakes and coupons.

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