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Category: E-mail Marketing Newsletter Changes

Canadian domain registrar “”: looks like it still has faith in e-mail newsletters (and so it should). Here’s their announcement to their current list telling of changes coming:
bq.. Dear Subscriber to’s Monthly Newsletter,
This notice is to inform you that will be publishing a new and improved monthly newsletter which will debut in April. The new newsletter replaces’s monthly newsletter and is named “The Server Room”. It will include a new design, new monthly features and high-quality articles written by industry experts. We will highlight issues of importance to Internet-era businesses, profile real-world web experiences, offer relevant news summaries and, in general, try to earn your attention with incisive articles aimed at your needs.
Be on the lookout for “The Server Room” which will be delivered to your mailbox the first week of April. We are confident that you will find it interesting, worthwhile and informative and welcome your feedback after you have seen it.
Sincerely, Inc.
p. As a subscriber _I_ was pretty happy to see they’d be upping the quality of the e-mail, but then again I’m a marketer. I’m not sure _all_ subscribers will be thrilled about another e-mail in their inbox if it doesn’t directly benefit them – and this doesn’t.

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