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Category: Event Notes

10 Tips for Talking 2 Teens – Anastasia Goodstein at VIDFEST 2007

Ypulse LogoI attended the Vancouver International Digital Festival (VIDFEST) today. One of my fav presentations was by Anastasia Goodstein, publisher of – a highly respected and oft-quoted blog on American tweens, teens and twenty-somethings.

As part of her presentation, Anastasia gave us marketers in the crowd 10 Tips on Reaching Teens in a “new media” kind of world. They read like best practices you’d want to follow for most of your marketing efforts, but they take on a particular significance and importance when applied to the younger, more tech and media savvy generation:

  1. Be contextual. No random popup or intrusive mobile ads, especially for teens. Let them opt-in to the content they want, that is useful to them – they’ll respond!
  2. Offer something of value. Quality content that is useful and/or fun (games, music, user-generated content). Oh, and make sure you test it on real teens first. Just to make sure. Your idea of useful and fun likely differs from theirs.
  3. Let teens make your brand or product their own. Find customization or DIY options. Make your fans the stars of your campaign! Support spontaneous tribute videos and blogs – don’t suppress them.

Click through to read the full list …

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