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Category: Feeds

RSS and Ad-Supported Sites

I was a bit surprised that John Battelle so easily dismissed the problems that syndication will cause ad-supported sites when I asked him about it for today’s “Five Questions For…” feature.
I think that Keith Robinson shows the confusion many publishers feel about this issue in his “How RSS Affects Content Monetization post…

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What's Up (Down) With Ping-o-matic?

_(11:45pm Update: This seems to be resolved now although it was busted for a *long* time.)_
At first I thought I was just me, but it looks like there are problems at “Ping-o-matic”: As of this posting (11:30AM EDT) the home page is showing a WordPress Config error page (above) and pings don’t seem to have been working for a few days now based on our activity logs.

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