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RSS “not a replacement for email”

The debate about RSS(really simple syndication) and how it stacks up against email was covered in a recent article from MarketingSherpa. In “RSS in Reality: Not a Replacement for Email – Metrics & Best Practices” (free access until May 23, 2005) the MarketingSherpa gang summarized their thoughts like this:

It chills our blood when we hear email marketers and publishers blithely state, “I’m thinking about switching over to RSS entirely!” Oh no. Please don’t. RSS is worthy of testing, but it’s not an email replacement and it never will be.

I tend to agree with MarketingSherpa that RSS will not replace email just like email has not replaced direct mail in the marketing world. Each is its own channel, sub-channel or medium. The savvy marketer will know if, and how, they can leverage each to achieve their business and marketing objectives.
Just what did MarketingSherpa use to support their ideas?

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Bloglines Down – Net Junkies Go Outside

It looks like “Bloglines”: had a major meltdown in their user log-on processes around 3:00AM EDT.
I’m reverse engineering this information from a “Technorati”: search. At “about 7 hours ago” people are still commenting on what they read via Bloglines, then you start seeing posts with individuals apologizing for blogrolls not working or saying that they won’t be updating their sites because they can’t access their feeds. Interestingly, because this happened while much of the Americas slept, many of the posts are in Japanese, Spanish, German, French and Italian.
A bit later you see people cluing in to the fact that they are not alone and that the problem is Bloglines itself.
In the last hour or so posts have moved to the “Oh my God, when was the last time I downloaded my OPML file” kind of panic.

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