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Category: Jon Cogan

How Facebook Timeline Pages Will Affect Marketers

By Jon Cogan

Yesterday, Facebook announced that the Timeline is coming to brand pages. March 30th! Whether you're ready or not. Better said, whether you "like it or not."

I say better said, because "like it or not" serves as a useful double entendre, as it also describes one of the most fundamental changes for Facebook marketing. The default landing tab is gone! This means marketers can no longer have an introductory page that  invites visitors to like their page first and then show exclusive content just to the audience that Likes the page (also know as "like-gating").  So whether you "like it or not" the initial brand experience on Facebook  is virtually the same either way.  

Like-gating is still available and can be built the same way it is today. The exclusive content can be revealed upon liking the page, but the fact that this is only seen as a secondary page and not at the front door anymore presents some big challenges.

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Why Twitter is Considering Facebook-Style Pages

By Jon Cogan

Earlier this month, Marketing Magazine announced that Twitter is considering pages for brands, much like the kind that Facebook has been offering for years.

The non-committal "considering" by Twitter is an obvious attempt at crowd sourcing the reaction to taking such a measure, and gauging the support, or lack thereof in the Twittersphere.  Marketing Magazine reported that Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is leading the charge alongside his right hand man, President of Revenue Adam Bain. So if you are looking for a  more concrete answer as to whether or not this is going to happen, you are best to ask either of these men. But the better question may be "why?"

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How to Master LinkedIn's Company Pages – a Must for B2B Marketers

It seems now that LinkedIn has finally positioned themselves as the primary social network for b2b. It wasn't always this way, in fact up until recently, myself and others considered LinkedIn to be a job bulletin board on steroids. But LinkedIn's new "Company Pages" has helped to change that perception in a hurry.

If you haven't experienced these new Company Pages yet, they allow for products and services to be put on display, provide the mechanisms to announce online promotions, and include the ability to upload multimedia such as graphics and video to help promote the business. But the most powerful feature of all is the LinkedIn's adoption of the pre-existing recommendation utility into their Company Pages.

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