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Category: Ken Schafer

Five Questions for Chris Carder – CEO, ThinData

_Chris Carder is CEO of “ThinData”:, Canada’s leading permission-based email marketing firm whose more than 200 clients worldwide, include Aeroplan, Air Canada, Direct Energy, Delta Hotels, Canada Savings Bonds, World Vision, and Mirvish Productions._
_Chris leads a team of 40 email and e-marketing professionals and is a two-time Canadian New Media Awards winner (Volunteer and Employer)._
_Active in the community, he is also Co-Chair of “The International White Ribbon Campaign”: (having utilized the Internet to help grow the campaign from Toronto to more than 40 countries worldwide)._
*One Degree: ThinData has transitioned from its roots as a web developer to being one of Canada’s top e-mail marketing service firms. Why did you make the shift?*
Chris: Four years ago, we recognized that marketers (including our own Web clients) needed more advanced tools and strategies to fulfill on the promise of one-to-one/one-to-few marketing programs. Our clients were looking for strategies and technology to profile and engage their Web site visitors. They needed more than email deployment software, they needed sophisticated marketing tools and strategies. That’s where we saw the market gap and our opportunity — to bring email technologies and methods that would answer the real needs of Canadian marketers. We married this idea with our experience delivering mission critical solutions and exceptional client service and the result was the new ThinData.
*One Degree: Do you still need to sell corporate Canada on the benefits of e-mail marketing or do they “get it”?*

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