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Category: Kevin Krossing

What Matters And How Do You Measure It?

Over the past few years, we marketers have been diligently analyzing consumer data in order to propel both our own businesses and our clients’ businesses. This obsession with measurement has led some to accurately calculate the effectiveness of their marketing spend. However, it has left even more struggling to understand the vast amounts of data they have collected.
The current prevailing thought is that brand advertising will evolve into a left-brain marketing strategy. To support this approach, the mantra adopted by most is to develop “relationship management” programs through the analysis and insights provided by the data – a very left-brained pursuit being driven by a right-brained agency worldview.

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Is Lead Generation The Only B2B Goal?

In “a recent survey”: sponsored by the CMO Council, BtoB Magazine, and USA Today, the vast majority of B2B marketers said digital marketing was most valuable as a lead-generation tool. Other goals defined in the survey were traffic generation, customer education, content distribution and partner/channel education.
While these goals are important, they are not the primary goals of these marketing objectives. The ultimate objective for all marketing is to increase revenue – to sell. To be successful in business-to-business marketing, we all must remember a simple thought: B2B marketing is not the same as marketing to consumers.
So, why do we continue to see these same marketing practices aimed at large business customers?